Repair of radio station gear for KPFT Radio in Houston

Winter-Spring 2022

So we received a call from the famed Nuri Nuri, host on KPFT-Houston FM radio of their longstanding “Blues Brunch” radio show on Sundays. I have listened to his show for years, possibly decades, and recognized Mr. Nuri’s voice on the phone call.

We were tasked to repair some radio-station gear, known as “cart machines”— similar in size and format to old-school style 8-track tape cartridge players. Mr. Nuri brought in several non-working units from KPFT, with a view to getting some working in order to archive the station’s large hoard of Cart tapes onto modern digital format. Using the various units as parts spares we were successful in getting a couple of the Cart machines operational. Another one bites the dust — kudos to Bammel TV— and keep on howling-and-choogling, Mr. Nuri Nuri!

John with Nuri Nuri, DJ at KPFT Radio in Houston, and the repaired Cart Machines,
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