Repair of Akai AM-U7 amplifier

Repair of Akai AM-U7 stereo integrated amplifier at Bammel TV in Houston

From February-March 2021 Customer brought to us his stereo integrated amplifier for repair, with a complaint that while bass frequencies were OK, mid and high frequencies seemed low. Customer approved our repair quote and we restored the unit using basic output stage elements in our inventory. Customer received our standard repair warranty.

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Repair of Denon PMA-2000AE

repair of Denon PMA-200AE amplifier at Bammel TV Tech Services in Houston

From February 2021. Customer brought to us his beautiful Denon Ultra High Current PMA-2000AE amplifier, with complaint of No Audio. We repaired the amp with standard protect circuit / power amp components in stock. We released the amp to the customer with standard Bammel TV Tech Services warranty.

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