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Welcome to the For Sale page! We have a variety of items for sale, including New TV’s!

While we don’t normally stock new product on site, through our wholesale vendor relationships we are usually able to beat the pricing of our competitors. If you’re interested in a great deal on a new set, contact us by email and our Sales Agent will contact you.

We also typically have on site some pre-owned product. These are normally items we repaired that were abandoned by customers. These come with a 30-day limited warranty. For more details and to see what’s available this week (stock varies, essentially at random) click here.

We sell also the full range of DLP lamps. We will typically stock the DLP lamp that you need. We sell only top-quality Osram replacement bulbs.



PARTS COST SHOWN IS CURRENT RETAIL! However WE WILL CHARGE 10% LESS! All parts come with a 14-day return, buyer pays return shipping.

All parts are sold directly via telephone, call us to check stock and freight, we do not upcharge UPS freight costs.

lg6086001 BROTHER 100
WH23X10038 GE 154.6 pump
WD-6290-12 haier 70 sequencer
ts15861 HITACHI 114.1 pwb assy
3551er0023c LG 170.41 cab.cover
3581JA8820D LG 300 freezer door
4987JA2008J LG 55.75 door gasket
MDS38201402 LG 55 door gasket
4987JJ2002D LG 54.66 door gasket
3551JJ2019A LG 15.21 tray cover
6871VSMX04H LG 281.35 sub pcb
3045EL1002F LG 154.25 tub drum
3302W0A038B LG 27.69 base plate
3581ja8807a LG 378.72 RIGHT DOOR ASSY
5209jj1009d LG 103.19 MULTI DUCT
3806ja0019d LG 30.67 DISPENSER
6871vsml01b LG 184.3 sub pcb
6871jb1440a LG 140.05 main pcb
6871qch077c LG 212.44 insert pcb
5989jb0001a LG 129.08 ice maker
ebr32268004 LG 72.95 main pcb
4681EL1002A LG 167 fan motor
6871JB1440A LG 140.05 main pcb
6871jb1349b LG 166.73 main pcb
3550ja1386b LG 4.63 lamp cover
6871jv1410d LG 228.56
mfc39559901 LG 11.15 ice maker lever
6871el1007a LG 97.03 display pcb
6871jb1440a LG 114 main pcb
6871jb1284m LG 96.55 main pcb
4930jj1006a LG 54.66 rail holder
4930jj1006b LG 40.76 rail holder
5215ea1001a LG 30 drain hose
4781w1m438g LG 71.18 Keypad control
ebr36858804 LG 150.45 main pcb
ebr36870701 LG 130.12 main pcb
6871dd1006m LG 137.53 main pcb
6871jb1423b LG 75 main pcb
4681el1008a LG 170.41 drum motor
6316000009b LG 150.45 ballast
5989jb0001a LG 160 ice maker
AEQ36756901 LG 160 ice maker
5301EL1001J LG 150 heater assy
EBU36130601 LG 290.18 main pcb
5209JA1044A LG 75.1 duct assy
AGF35038601 LG 278.69 main pcb
6601er1006e LG 25 pressure switch
5301FR1158J LG 60 heater assy..
6600fa1704x LG 22.2 pressure switch
3108ER1001A LG 9.28 pump casing
383eer2001a LG 9.28 filter &cap
3550ja2184a LG 4.47 tube cover
6871er1062d LG 160 main pcb
ebr32268004 LG 170 main pcb
6871er1062g LG 319.62 main pcb
ebr38163302 LG 180 main pcb
6871jb1410d LG 191.38 main pcb
6871el1007b LG 149.99 main pcb
6871ec1121d LG 40 main pcb
6871jb1423b LG 140 main pcb
6871jb1410d LG 191.38 main pcb
6871ec1116a LG 150 user control pcb
6871er1003c LG 242.52 main pcb
ebr32268002 LG 186.45 main pcb
5318el3001a LG 54.66 igniter
5318el3001a LG 54.66 igniter
5318el3001a LG 54.66 igniter
5318el3001a LG 54.66 igniter
6871JB1431A LG 160 main pcb
5221EL2002A LG 130.12 gas valve
6871ec1120a LG 130 display pcb
6871er2019b LG 30 display pcb
6871EL1004C LG 100 control pcb
5989jb0001a LG 200 ice maker
6871ec1121b LG 65 main pcb
6871vmm903b LG 400 main pcb
3551jj2019a LG 20 tray cover
6871ec1121e LG 120 main pcb
6871JB1431F LG 140 main pcb
6871el1013c LG 150 main pcb
589JB0001A LG 130 ice maker
5301el1001a LG 140 heater assy
5989jb0001a LG 170 ice maker
B3RAD0000168 PAN 3 ir sensor
LSEM0056 PAN 45 motor
DE94-01807V SAM 102.76 Control box
Er6602-001655 SAM 4.66 belt
Mfs-wf327l-to SAM 230.4 user control pcb
BN44-00273C SAM 180 power pcb
cdorfb145mrko SHARP 50 MWV DOOR
9jda31c03ed20 SHARP 118.12 AV PCB
cpwbx3547tpzb SHARP 141.38 LCD CONTROL
cpwbx3520tpz SHARP 14.24 control board
DUNTKC484DE02 SHARP 93 audio/if unit
DUNTKF975FM01 SHARP 102.14 C-pwb
DC31-00055A whirlpool 96.75 dryer motor
W10059230 whirlpool 60 latch
3387747 whirlpool 40 element
279838 whirlpool 40 element
W10189267 whirlpool 20 drain hose
txfkpl2gser 160
bsh643751 30
bsh643456 30
5.32E+133 50
Q049560004929 50
687w1n011s 60
4871W1M438G 50
07fpgv15 20
3661e11001c 60


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We had an MC2102 that was in Desperate need of a face lift and refresh, searched a few shops in the Texas area that did Mcintosh repair, and unfortunately wasn't thrilled about shipping it anywhere or driving 2-3 hours away to get it serviced. Bammel TV does great work! Polite, Responsive, takes there time, and is in constant communication during the process. Keep in mind when you have a unit like this repaired its not a quick process, but They made it worth the wait!
We will definitely use them again, and glad we found some new friends we can send our Clients too!


DEFINE Audio Video
The Woodlands Tx, 77380


I’m glad I took my TV to these guys these guys were the best Bammel TV technology service really save me a lot of money I would have thrown away a good TV I would definitely recommend these guys to my friends and family.


I was a bit hesitant to drop off my equipment to this store with whom I have never done business. These people are awesome! They are quick to analyze the issue and get back with me with results and cost estimate. I wouldn’t call it an estimate but rather an exact cost projection. From one VERY skeptical person (who doesn’t do reviews often), to any others, I HIGHLY recommend Bammel TV for any of your AV repairs.


I reached out to Bammel Tv to inquire about some repairs to my CDJ 900s. Fearful that the 4th of July holiday would prolong my repairs John was able to diagnose and repair in 3 business days. Work was exceptional and my CDJs are back running at optimal level. Thanks for your assistance John and I will definitely be back for any further needs.


This company was very professional and did outstanding work on restoring my Adam A7 speaker to spec. Will use them again in the future.


Had my vintage Pioneer amplifier recapped and serviced here- they did a first rate job in communication, turnover time, and results. It now sounds better than I ever remember it sounding.

I will use them again- thanks!


They are very professional, knew exactly what they needed to fix with the projector. Projector working perfectly since it was fixed, about a year ago. Great job!!


My relatively new Yamaha home audio receiver lost sound for Zone 2. I saw that they were an authorized Yamaha repair facility, and I think the only one in Houston. I talked to John over the phone before I brought it in, and understood there would be a non-refundable diagnostic fee which would be applied to the total invoice (this part seems to be overlooked by many reviewers). They fixed it ahead of schedule, which was appreciated. John was very professional and made me feel like a valued customer. I'll be coming back here for any future electronic repair needs.




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